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Pro-abortion groups advocating for more public resistance on anti-abortion laws

Every week, Patricia Canon drives Poor Kentucky girls to distant abortion clinics. She is a member of national army of volunteers who are very...

U.S. State Department will ban Americans from traveling to North Korea

State Department said that due to "the serious risk of arrest" the U.S. government is banning all Americans citizens from traveling to North Korea....

John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer

John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee and current U.S. Senator known for political independence during more than three decades in the Senate, is...

Republicans are not satisfied with government’s performance

Republicans are very unsatisfied with the fact that party leaders are not succeeding to keep their promise to eradicate Affordable Care Act. Conservative activists are...

Many oppose Gov. Bevin’s proposals to change Medicaid

Clare White, a nanny or triplets depends on Medicaid, as it pay her prescriptions that keep her from killing herself. She has lost her...